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Post  dmar5143 on Sat May 04, 2013 6:59 pm

the fight went as expected.wlad cautious against a first rate light punching bum.hell wlad will be cautious against paulie m..wlad won every second of the fight.the guy was a complete inept bum.no jab.no footwork.no straight punches at all.no head movement as wlad stiff armed him with his left and tossed several semi-telegraphed rights down the pike into the bums gloves held in front of his face or getting threw particaly.when he made wlad miss and his attempt to make him pay a few times the bum tossed a light wide left that missed badley often sailing behind wlads head.
the highlight of the night was a excellent commentation and pre fight analisis by david haye.he called the fight prediction perfect..the best line of the night was when haye was asked thses are heavies and anything can happen.haye replied this guy has a better chance of beating bolt in a 100 yard dash then wining this fight..
haye did a personable honest and very likeable job as a commentater.

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