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we all have voiced complaints and rightly so about premature stopages under the excuse for fighters safety.or gross negligence of mora joe cortez and others in fights several times..
today i feel that steve smogger is one of the top great refs.he always has control of the fight yet doesnt break up fighters when there fighting inside or in close.he gives fighters a chance to rebound when hurt but under a watchfull eye.hes the art mercante of todays refs.years ago harry kessler in the 40s and 50s was excellent.little mills lane had his moments of glory also..
in the days of the past though the opposite occured.gross negligence without concern for fighters safety.ruby goldstein gets a bad rap here for overall he was a darn good ref..
i remember watching live some fights or others on film or youtube and said why do they even bother to have a are some that were the third zale -graziano fight where rocky was completely helpless on the the ref moves in zale backs of a bit thinking the refs gonna stop it.whats the ref do.he pulls graziano off the ropes and rocky on shakey legs almost goes down as the ref unbelievable whipes rockys gloves and lets the fight go on as zale hits the defenseless fighter with a hammer of a punch koing rocky for a 100 count.curt gowdy when reviewing the fight said thats one brave the machen -johannson fight.down the first time but the ref fails to whipe eddies glove.the second knockdown he gives the fastest seven count i ever saw and still dont whipe his gloves.machen gets up in bad in a corner and ingo tees off and what should of been called a knockdown wasnt.machen was helpless at that point.whats the ref do he allows ingo to land 8 more haymakers and eddies out.instead of not counting since machen was crushed he goes threw the ten count.3.patterson -ingo.i forgot which knockdown it was maybe number 4.floyd gets up and walks in a daze back to his corner.ingo wacks him in back of the head.the fight should of been stoped but floyd gets decked 3 more did they allow round 2 to happen.forman -frazier.after george droped joe lifting him off the ground foreman said joe stay down.then asked the ref please stop the fight.he did not.
ive seen several fights in the past that were far i said why bother to have a ref..why cant they have balance like mercante or for thought i guess.

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