A great loss for boxing

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A great loss for boxing

Post  Frank on Tue May 27, 2014 8:33 am

One day a few Nuns were walking down a small, inner city street in Philadelphia called Franklin street. They found a 5 year old, scared little boy who had just been abandoned by his mother.

The Nuns took this kid and named him Miracle Matthew Franklin (Franklin named after the street he was found on.) and raised him. This young boy would grow up to be the Light Heavyweight champion of the world and would later change his name to Matthew Saad Muhammad. His fame came in the late 70s and lasted until the early 80s.

Miracles exist, not to show us what is impossible, but to show us what is possible. Last night, we lost this amazing human being and Hall of Fame fighter.

God Bless your soul Miracle Matthew. If you had never existed, this story would've never been told. In your heart lies the very spirit of what our sport used to be. Thank you for your presence on this earth. It is the very definition of inspiration.


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