Conspiracy theories.

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Conspiracy theories.

Post  Frank on Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:01 pm

1.The Illuminati; Ok, I just had to put this one in here. This organization is apparently turning fans of “Gangster Rap” against Jesus. Excuse me, but do fans of Gangster Rap remind you of people coming out of the Billy Graham Crusade?  This is the equivalent of stating the following; “Oh my God, there’s a group that’s trying to turn the Nazi party against Blacks and Jews!!”  This is pure dumb for the pure dumb by the pure dumb… And no, I’m not a member. If I was, Beyonce, who is supposed to be a member of this bullshit, would be with me, not Jay Z.  End of story.

2.George Foreman was drugged in Zaire; Bullshit. Everything about this is Bullshit. George stated that he was done from the drugs after round 3. Ever watch round 5? Then he says he got a fast count. Cosell and Ali were together and entertained the fast count theory. George was on a knee at 10. George is one of my favorite fighters, however he was staggered in every round in that fight and got his ass kicked.

3.Holyfield really won the 2nd bout with Lennox Lewis; Not really a conspiracy theory unless you believe, like I do, that the judges scored the 2nd bout the way they thought the first bout should’ve been scored. This is one I believe. Just for the record, in the 1st bout, I had Lewis ahead by 4 points going in the 9th round. It was what Lewis didn’t do, and what Holyfield did do (Chase a non – punching Lewis around the ring.) that caused me to score this fight a draw. Announcers announce and judges score fights. It should be easy to do both, however the guys at HBO give that theory a good argument. Another one for the records. I had Evander winning the 2nd fight by 2 points.

4.The first Liston – Clay fight was fixed;  Yes, and the Japanese won WWII. Why the fuck would a guy trying to throw a fight (Liston) put liniment on his gloves in a desperate attempt to retain his title? This happened after Liston took a ferocious beating in the 3rd round. Makes no sense. No sense at all. Another little fact for the record. Eddie Machen stated that Liston did the same to him.

5.Emile Griffith killed Benny Parret in their fight because Benny exposed his homosexuality; The only fighter that can decide to beat a world class fighter to death with padded gloves is the greatest fighter of all times. Who am I referring to? A fighter that has yet to exist. Nobody could’ve pulled that off. Nobody. It was a tragedy between two men who truly hated each other.  A bad ref is a reasonable explanation.

6.The Boxing Palace is about to end; Bullshit. This article proves otherwise.

7.Don King fed Mike Tyson to the mob and took all his money; Well, couldn’t have happened to a nicer or smarter guy. Every time I try to like Tyson, he amazes me with his incredible ignorance. The S.O.B. is crazier than cat shit. Was he robbed by Don King?  Sure.  Do I think it’s a bad thing? What’s better, a broke lunatic or a rich lunatic? While I’m talking about Tyson, some guy with the name of Frank listed Tyson as an ATG on a quality boxing site by the name of East Side Boxing.  It wasn’t your Frank! I’d like to put an end to that rumor right now! I’ll admit that by today’s standards, Mike looks like the GOAT.

8.Leon Spinks got his teeth knocked out in a fight; I know for a fact that bitch was trying to smell a mule’s ass. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.

9.Roberto Duran knocked out a horse; The movie “Conan The Barbarian” took this theory and had Arnie S. knock out a horse in the movie. First of all, I’m an animal lover so I don’t glory in this conspiracy theory one way or the other. However, for the sake of argument, it’s bullshit. Duran was great, but that horse would’ve got up kicked Duran’s ass until there was no more ass to kick. Wanna check my theory out? Hit a fucking horse and see what happens to you.

10.Sooner knows porn stars who he keeps to himself;  I have to say that I believe this one. I know Sooner and I’ve seen porn stars. That’s all the info I need.


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