My State of the Sport Address

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My State of the Sport Address

Post  BoxingGenius on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:48 pm

Boxing is a very finnicky thing to say the least.  At times it captures the attention of the entire nation(s), other times, the casual fan couldn't name 10 active fighters.  We always hear/read about people saying such and such needs to happen to save boxing or so and so need to fight in order to bring the sport back to the mainstream, but the fighters don't make boxing, its the natural bloodlust humans have.  It's been prevelant in us forever, look back at the days of gladiators killing each other for the entertainment of the crowd, essentially thats what boxing is today, just a more civilized version of it.  I read an article the other day that said "Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez is the fight that can save boxing."  I completely disagree with this sentiment.  Sure boxing isn't what it was in the golden days when the best fought the best early and often, it has become more of a business than an actual competitve sport, but saving it does not need.  This sport has stood the test of time as well as any.  It's bigger than any 1, 2, 3 or any number of fighters.  Boxing does not need saving, sure a big fight gets a buzz going and puts boxing on network news shows and sports channels more often and on display for a broader audience, but at the same time boxing does just fine without the so called "megafights."  Sure we have our issues just like every sport, the MLB has PED issues like no other, NFL players get arrested ona daily basis, hockey has a strike every other season it seems, and the NBA has turned into a league of 2-3 super teams blowing out everyone else.  Boxing is the only sport in the world where a guy can get blown out for 99% of the match and still find a way to pull out the victory.  That alone is what will always keep boxing relevant, and will always allow it to hold a place in sports fans hearts.  The fact that no matter what, a fighter is never REALLY out of it until that bell rings.  All that being said, boxing will not be dieing anytime soon, but is still not without its problems.  My biggest issues with today's sport are as follows in no particular order:

1. Promotional companies not willing to work together - this is a joke and needs to be put to an end.  turning every negotiation into a dick measuring contest is just bad for business. top rank, gbp, and all other promoters need to be able to work together to make the best fight the best.

2.  1 belt per weight class PERIOD - i do not care who the super duper golden diamond platinum emeritus interim wba zbe abc super welterweight champion of the world is.  1 Heavyweight Champ 1 Middleweight Champ, etc. 1 set of rankings, champ fights the number 1 contender at least every other fight, no ifs ands or buts about it.  you are the champ, your title should be on the line against a deserving opponent every time. YOU CAN ONLY FILL A VACANT CHAMPIONSHIP BY HAVING 1 VS 2 IN THE DIVISION.  none of this joe schmo vs the big name for a vacant title.

3. 1 athletic commision that oversees the entire sport for the entire world.  same set of rules for everyone every time, whether it is drug testing, ring size, glove size, etc.  a universal set of rules that CANNOT be modified just because some diva fighter wants to sway an advantage his way i dont care if both fighters agree to it.  the yankees and red sox cant agree to shorter basepaths cuz they dont want to run far.  rules are rules.

4. BAN OPEN SCORING FOREVER.  it ruins fights, thats all i have to say about that.

5. none of this 10 point must crap.  if both fighters stink up the joint make it 9-9.  if 1 guy gets absolutely smacked around for 3 minutes make it 10-8 even without the KD.  a closely won round should not count the same as a dominated round yet they are both scored 10-9 all the time.

6.  Same Day Weigh-Ins.  i dont know what the logic behind doing it the day before was if there ever was any, but same day weigh ins ensure both fighters are the same size in the ring.  makes a safer sport and eliminates what i consider cheating by draining weight and coming in 20 friggin pounds overweight on fight night.  if you are a welterweight you weigh 147 on fight day no ifs ands or buts about it.  if you cant then move up and fight someone your own size.

7.  Go back to 15 rounds.  more fights will end in KOs and it will take the human error of judging out of decisions more often.  

8.  have consistent refereeing. im sick of some refs allowing holding and wrestling all night while others break fighters apart the second they come close to tieing up.  im fine either way but be consistent, who is refereeing should have no bearing on the outcome of a fight, and all too often it does.

9.  If a judge is suspected of being on the take, have a hearing if he is found guilty BAN HIM FOR LIFE.  corruption runs rampant in our sport and its sickening.  same goes for if a promoter is found to be fixing fights LIFETIME BAN. people are less likely to risk this when the punishment is that harsh.  i cant stand blatant robberies of deserving fighters just cuz the other guy is the flavor of the week at the promoters office.


10.  Stack  Cards on PPV.  dont just give us a floyd or pac fight with 3 shitbum undercard fights.  if a fight is on ppv and im paying $70 for it to watch on TV not even in person, give me 2-3 REAL TITLE FIGHTS, not nabf vs ibf champ or some crap.  i say 1 PPV fight per month allowed, with 3 of the REAL Title fights i talked about above on each. there are enough weight classes to do this, if fighters fight 3-4 times a year like they should.  promoters would get more ppvs out of it, and fans would actually get their moneys worth more often than not for a change.  every boxing ppv should be somewhat a mega-event.  load up the cards and people will watch every month.  hell WWE does it, and their ppvs do amazing each month and thats not even real lol.

IMO if they institute the above 10 things, boxing would be better off and would be VERY successful long term.  also, create a better youth system for kids to learn to fight.  but thats a whole other rant. apologies for being long winded but i was bored at work and felt like ranting and raving


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Re: My State of the Sport Address

Post  Frank on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:52 pm other words, return things back to the way they used to be.

I agree BG.


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Re: My State of the Sport Address

Post  dmar5143 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:57 pm

excellent post and I agree with most of it fully.also eliminate 105 108 115 122 130 154 divisions.there not needed and a joke.make light heavies 178 to have a 10 pound difference over 168...same day weigh inns and 15 round fights are a champ per division is the only real thing.this makes contenders fight each other and maybe often to earn a title shot instead of jockeying for a phoney belt or a commission made title like iterm champ with 2 bums fighting for a so called lol world championship.this will make guys or most of them fight 4 times a year.
no manditorys at all.your suggestion that a champ fight a number 1 guy every other fight is a manditory.what if he doesn't then what the stripping shit again...
the past for decades gave us the fight folks wanted because of demand or common business sence.
same day weigh inns and the eliminating of phoney weight classes will stop the bullshit of lol moving up in weight cant make the weight anymore nonsence and get ride of the belt holder in 3-4 divisions all phoney none lineal.
championships are won and lost in the ring only.a vacancy occurs when a champ retires or indeed moved up in class and its not a puny 3 pounds.
instead of 1 n 2 fighting for a vacant title ive always been a advocate of the top 4 going at it..reason is at times theres little difference in thoses fighters especialy if they return to fight more often because they want a real title shot.
as frank said yes a return to the past at least the most part of the past will work.1 real champ establishes legitimancy that boxing has lacked for years.
theres nothing wrong with the 10 point system but like you I feel like scoring a round zero to zero because the fight or round stunk.example the Mitchel-banks fight.
it may confuse folks in the beginning but id like to see half points introduced..a lousy round with no action but a guy did a little more.10-9.5 a more definitive round 10-9.for the idiot judges that don't score a 10-8 round because of no knockdown but a fighter is very dominate and hurts the other guy a few times then 10-8.5if your afraid not to score a 10-8 round....this will show who is competent in judging.and fair also.
there is more that could be said but your post covered excellent points and major reasons of boxings fall from grace.
I agree theres no one or 2 big fights that will save boxing.nor wil it die when a big star has left ala Tyson Oscar ray leanord Louis Marciano Dempsey...what will save it is elimination all the bullshit and phoney stuff..your post addresses that well.

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Re: My State of the Sport Address

Post  powerpuncher on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:34 am

i feel like this same post gets made every so often. i made one like this a while ago. haha. i agree mostly with what you said but 2 of them would be difficult.

having a world boxing commision would be super difficult to do IMO. thats probably why it has never happened. because it seems like most countries would want to be represented and then there would just be a ton of people on the commision with bigger boxing countries trying to control everything while the smaller countries would feel oppressed. i would love it if it happened, i just highly doubt it could be pulled off.

second is the scoring. i agree with you that the whole 10 point must system with the round by round scoring isnt always the best way to score, but its the way that boxing has been scored for 100 years so i dont really see it being changed. and why wouldnt it change you ask? well, because there is no world boxing commision to make the change. haha. unless somehow some organization decided to make their fights score differently and then everybody would have to slowly follow which probably wouldnt happen.

again, i agree with your points but those are the two that i feel would be difficult to pull off.

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Re: My State of the Sport Address

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