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Post  BoxingGenius on Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:17 am

never been too big into showtime fights for whatever reason so im not too familiar with the fightcamp 360 promos. ive seen them and from what i get its similar to 24/7. that being said are they doing one for floyd vs ghost? are there multiple episodes? i only ask because 24/7 usually started a few weeks before the fight and i havent seen anything yet. to be honest i havent seen much promotion at all. what about canelo trout? i saw there is a little 15 minute promo thing on this saturday but is that it? i gotta say i like the way hbo does boxing a lot more than showtime. from the promos to the commentators, everything just gets me more excited for the big fights on hbo. i really like the lampley monthly show too just wish it was on a neutral network so they could show highlights from all fights not just the hbo ones. cool idea to have a show just about boxing like that but hbo not wanting to promote the other networks fighters takes away from it significantly


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