who is excited for the broner-demarco fight?!?!

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Re: who is excited for the broner-demarco fight?!?!

Post  powerpuncher on Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:33 am

broner is big enough to move up too. im sure that his speed and power will carry with him well. i hated how lederman was saying how demarco didnt have a plan B last night. he obviously wasnt watching the fight because demarco tried a few different things but came up short every time. at first, he stayed on the outside, that didnt work because he was just getting jabbed and countered. then he tried to get him to the ropes but broner got back to the middle of the ring and the same thing happened. then he tried to fight on the inside and broner picked him apart. demarco literally couldnt do anything.

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Re: who is excited for the broner-demarco fight?!?!

Post  koolkc107 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:47 am

First off, I am tired of the haters trying to trivialize what Broner did Saturday.

Folks should stop letting their dislike for his antics cloud their common sense.

The fact is, before Saturday, Demarco was considered the best guy at 135 period.

Broner then dismantled him.

And bringing up Linares and Valero is useless too.

Demarco BEAT Linares and in extremely decisive fashion...and Linares clearly wasn't doing the damage to him that Broner did, tho he WAS winning rather one-handedly.

As far as Valero, what Broner did is far more impressive. Broner stopped a more experienced Demarco a round and a half sooner by TKO, not having Demarco simply retire on his stool.

If I am Broner's folk, I am angling for something big right now, Pac or Floyd at a catchweight if he can get it, at welter if he can't.

Course, he wont get that; so I can see something with Gamboa next, with Garcia or Matthysse if he wants to try 140.


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