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there have been many from fighters but here are some of my favorites..1 jack dempsey.honey i forgot to duck after the tunney loss.2.what did you want me to do send him a telagraph.after the sharkey fight when asked about that left hook that koed sharkey when he complained to the ref.3.liston just seconds before the second fight with patterson.its gonna be likea movie rerun4..ali on liston.if he even dreams about beating me he should wake up and apologize.5.ali just before the first frazier fight.if he wins ill crawl on my hands and knees over to him.ali never did.6.walcott.if i cant beat him you should take my name out of the record book before the first marciano fight.7.max baer after he and canera both slipped to the canvas.last one up is a sissy8.marciano when asked whos the greatest heavy.rocky said fast joe louis.when asked why he said because i beat him so that must make me pretty good.9.marciano when asked could you beat ingo johanson said.if i said yes you will call me a braggart.if i said no you will have to call me a liar.10.will pep.all my wives were great housekeepers.after the divorce they all kept the house.11.pep he who hits and runs lives to fight another day.12.johnny busso in his fight with larry boardman decked boardman 10 times after he got knocked down.the air down there rejuvinated me.13.joe can run but you cant hide.14.louis after marciano told him that fight hurt him more then joe.louis said i dont know about that rock you didnt get hit by your right hand.15.louis gods on our side16.tony galento in a classic when hearing lou nova was a colledge guy..a collish kid.ill moider da bum.17.rocky graziano when asked what would he do different in fighting italian so the next time ill bring a gun in there with me.18.mike tyson ill eat your aragon asked how was it fighting carmen.aragon said you mean fighting mr.basilio.20.marvin starling after getting koed with a punch well after the bell said to the annoucher.knocked out.i didnt even get knocked down.
these are just a few on fighters wit.

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